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  • Filthy rich slow-roasted beef brisket ragú

    Ok then, pasta it is

      Mouthwatering, full-flavoured, super-easy one pot dish. A slow-roasted ragú you’ll be mopping up to the very last drop. If there was a sliding scale between the amount of pasta and the sauce that goes with it, my scale would be blatantly sliding all the way over to the side that says ‘SAUCE’. When having […]

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  • Piadina romagnola – an Italian filled flatbread

    piadina gorgonzola and rucola

    If you’re ever clutching at straws for a reason to indulge in some Italian deli food, a piadina will give you the perfect excuse. Originally from Emilia Romagna on the Adriatic coast, these more-ish flatbreads are a popular snack up and down the peninsula. Have them sweet, rolled up with nutella, and they’ll keep any child happy; or if you’re more […]