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  • Bagna cauda: a wintery hot dip with piles of fresh crudities

    The Piemontese Bagna Cauda

    A dish that will give you the perfect excuse to devour a small vegetable patch worth of crudities! Not only are fresh fruit and veg easier to come by in Summer, the bright warm weather just makes you crave it more: a fresh fruit smoothy to kick off the day, a juicy caprese salad or cundiun (check out my post […]

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  • Risotto cacio e pepe with grilled radicchio

    Risotto cacio e pepe with radicchio

    Autumn is here which means it’s time for some heart-warming risottos. This one takes Massimo Bottura‘s peppery, parmesan-infused Risotto Cacio e Pepe, and gives it a sweet-and bitter twist. A delicious creamy risotto served with thyme and olive-oil-infused radicchio, making it a perfect starter or main. Get grating and keep a hold of those parmesan rinds….     […]