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  • Panettone style bread and butter pudding

    If only smashing together British and Italian classics always went this well. This is up there with the original British bread and butter pudding, but with much less effort involved. Whisk, slice, soak, bake, and you’re done. Panettone at its best! “Oh good, the car is in needed of a good wash” would be the standard response you’d […]

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  • Hazelnut ‘Baci di Andora’ biscuits with dark chocolate ganache

    baci di andora

    These super indulgent Baci biscuits are a great after dinner treat with coffee, or simply if you have an urge to stuff your face with chocolate. Baci di Andora take ‘chocolatey’ to the next level. Unlike the original Baci di Dama variety, they consist of two chocolate brownie-like biscuits, sandwiching a dark chocolate ganache middle. […]