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  • Elevenses focaccia with onions and tuscan kale

    Focaccia with onions and tuscan kale

      A slice of salty, olive-oil-soaked focaccia is no doubt the most popular snack a Ligurian schoolchild will have in their morning break.  I remember getting dropped  off at school and Dad giving me 500 lira (about £0.20p) to run over to the bakers and buy a slice of focaccia the size of my head. They’d […]

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  • Pizza dough, a few tricks and my favourite toppings


        Anytime I visit our home in Italy, I relish any opportunity to suggest a pizza evening on the terrace, as Mum invites family and friends for an impromptu gathering. Coming to think of it, the last time this happened was 2 years ago, as a low key pre-wedding celebration for mrs fp and […]