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  • Roasted sprout and rosemary gnocchi covered in creamy mascarpone and stilton

    Roasted sprouts gnocchi

    Despite drawing a close to 2015 thinking that my kilt surely had one more belt hole, Christmas’ 12 days are not yet over, so #Drynuary, or any other holier-than-thou portmanteau initiative for that matter, can take a hike for now. This recipe is stodge of the highest order and is a twist on a dish that hails […]

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  • Filthy rich slow-roasted beef brisket ragú

    Ok then, pasta it is

      Mouthwatering, full-flavoured, super-easy one pot dish. A slow-roasted ragú you’ll be mopping up to the very last drop. If there was a sliding scale between the amount of pasta and the sauce that goes with it, my scale would be blatantly sliding all the way over to the side that says ‘SAUCE’. When having […]

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  • Risotto cacio e pepe with grilled radicchio

    Risotto cacio e pepe with radicchio

    Autumn is here which means it’s time for some heart-warming risottos. This one takes Massimo Bottura‘s peppery, parmesan-infused Risotto Cacio e Pepe, and gives it a sweet-and bitter twist. A delicious creamy risotto served with thyme and olive-oil-infused radicchio, making it a perfect starter or main. Get grating and keep a hold of those parmesan rinds….     […]

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  • Swordfish and potato ravioli with rocket, pistachio and pomegranate pesto

    A bite of swordfish ravioli

        One of my favourite things to do when tucking into steak and mash is pouring any excess meat juice over the potatoes – is it just me or is that not amazing? Especially when the steak is cooked in a nice herby, lemony marinade. I’d say, that right there is the definition of umami. As for these ravioli, I […]

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  • Lawless lasagne with smoked salmon, asparagus and gorgonzola

    Lasagne with smoked salmon asparagus and gorgonzola

    The centuries-old lasagne alla bolognese are a timeless classic that hardly need an introduction. It’s one of those dishes you, or at least I, just cannot get tired of. Graziella, who I speak of in my about page, is an absolute hero at making this. I can demolish portions and portions of Gra’s cooking on a […]

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  • Busiate verdi with pesto trapanese

    busiate al pesto trapanese

      Last year my parents travelled to Sicily on holiday and whilst there sampled one of the local dishes, Busiate al Pesto Trapanese. They brought back a bag of busiate, which I demolished instantly. Busiate are essentially a chunkier and longer version of Ligurian trofie, also often eaten with pesto. The latin root of the word pesto gave birth to […]