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  • Simple spaghetti series – Spaghetti puttanesca

    Spaghetti Puttanesca

    I feel sorry for anchovies. They can’t win. When they’re an obvious flagship ingredient in a dish, they’re exposed to scrutiny and hostility by all anchovy haters; if on the other hand they’re simply working their magic behind the scenes, they go completely unnoticed and therefore uncelebrated. What’s worse is the fact that these little silver […]

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  • Falafel polpette with olives, basil and pecorino

    polpette in a pan

    Meatballs, or polpette di carne, are awesome. Full stop. Have them with a dollop of gorgonzola-covered polenta, in a fast-food-classic sub-sandwich, served in salads or simply with spaghetti. They are delicious in every way. However, with mrs fp being a pescatarian – queue the violin – opportunities for eating them always look bleak. But if you […]