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  • Surf and turf in Liguria: the landscape behind the recipes

    Riviera di Camogli

      The freshest produce, sourced locally from the tops of the Maritime Alps to the depths of the Mediterranean sea. It’s what the world famous mare e monti or surf and turf family of recipes are all about. Behind these recipes however, exist stunning sights of juxtaposed seaside towns and rural hills, showcased beautifully by […]

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  • Cundiun, a Ligurian summer salad


    Scarpetta, which literally means ‘little shoe’, is the Italian word for mopping your plate up with bread. Is it bad etiquette? Probably, but with this cundiün I’m quite happy to throw etiquette straight out the window! Imagine the juiciest fruit salad you’ve ever had, but the savoury version – that my friends, is cundiün.     I’ve spoken a […]

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  • Ligurian torta verde with spinach and asparagus


    Each year, torta verde, or torta pasqualina makes a special Easter Monday appearance at family picnics throughout the Ligurian country side. Delicious warm, and even better cold, this super-greens savoury cake is a crowd favourite. I have vivid memories charging around a field with my childhood friend Fabio during pasquetta, after chomping on endless slices of his Mum’s mouth watering torta […]