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  • Lemon and dill tagliolini on the rocks

    pasta on the rocks

    With the weather hopefully picking up soon here in the UK, it reminded me of those dishes that I think are made to be eaten outdoors. On busy summer days at our family restaurant, you could bet your bottom Lira that caprese salads and fritto misto would be served until we were calamari-white in the face. An equally popular dish was […]

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  • Spring artichoke ravioli with thyme and walnuts

        This Easter weekend, if you’ve had your fill of lamb and are looking for another crowd pleaser, then these earthy artichoke ravioli may just do the trick. Growing up in Italy, I regularly visited my pseudo-Nonna Graziella, or Gra as I call her. You’d often find her at the sewing machine making her daughter a dress from […]