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  • Focaccia “muffins” with taleggio, porcini and walnuts

    Focaccia muffins

      Taking flavour inspiration from autumnal dishes in northern Italy, these indulgent cheesy focaccia muffins are packed with earthy flavours fit for fall.  If you read my Surf and turf in Liguria post, you’ll have heard me talking about Recco’s formidable focaccia, the Focaccia di Recco col formaggio. A thin no-yeast focaccia filled with melted creamy fresh cheese. I thought about recreating […]

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  • Surf and turf in Liguria: the landscape behind the recipes

    Riviera di Camogli

      The freshest produce, sourced locally from the tops of the Maritime Alps to the depths of the Mediterranean sea. It’s what the world famous mare e monti or surf and turf family of recipes are all about. Behind these recipes however, exist stunning sights of juxtaposed seaside towns and rural hills, showcased beautifully by […]

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  • Elevenses focaccia with onions and tuscan kale

    Focaccia with onions and tuscan kale

      A slice of salty, olive-oil-soaked focaccia is no doubt the most popular snack a Ligurian schoolchild will have in their morning break.  I remember getting dropped  off at school and Dad giving me 500 lira (about £0.20p) to run over to the bakers and buy a slice of focaccia the size of my head. They’d […]