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  • ‘Scoccini’ (scotch-ini): when scotch eggs meet arancini

    This easter enjoy your scotch eggs with an alternative risotto shell. A recipe that smashes together two all-time crowd favourites, British scotch eggs and Sicilian arancini, into something quite spectacular. The method looks lengthy, but bare with it – it’s actually pretty simple and the end result is worth it. I challenge any gastro pub bar snack with these […]

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  • Panettone style bread and butter pudding

    If only smashing together British and Italian classics always went this well. This is up there with the original British bread and butter pudding, but with much less effort involved. Whisk, slice, soak, bake, and you’re done. Panettone at its best! “Oh good, the car is in needed of a good wash” would be the standard response you’d […]

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  • Ligurian torta verde with spinach and asparagus


    Each year, torta verde, or torta pasqualina makes a special Easter Monday appearance at family picnics throughout the Ligurian country side. Delicious warm, and even better cold, this super-greens savoury cake is a crowd favourite. I have vivid memories charging around a field with my childhood friend Fabio during pasquetta, after chomping on endless slices of his Mum’s mouth watering torta […]