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  • Roasted sprout and rosemary gnocchi covered in creamy mascarpone and stilton

    Roasted sprouts gnocchi

    Despite drawing a close to 2015 thinking that my kilt surely had one more belt hole, Christmas’ 12 days are not yet over, so #Drynuary, or any other holier-than-thou portmanteau initiative for that matter, can take a hike for now. This recipe is stodge of the highest order and is a twist on a dish that hails […]

  • Recipes
  • Focaccia “muffins” with taleggio, porcini and walnuts

    Focaccia muffins

      Taking flavour inspiration from autumnal dishes in northern Italy, these indulgent cheesy focaccia muffins are packed with earthy flavours fit for fall.  If you read my Surf and turf in Liguria post, you’ll have heard me talking about Recco’s formidable focaccia, the Focaccia di Recco col formaggio. A thin no-yeast focaccia filled with melted creamy fresh cheese. I thought about recreating […]