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  • Cundiun, a Ligurian summer salad


    Scarpetta, which literally means ‘little shoe’, is the Italian word for mopping your plate up with bread. Is it bad etiquette? Probably, but with this cundiün I’m quite happy to throw etiquette straight out the window! Imagine the juiciest fruit salad you’ve ever had, but the savoury version – that my friends, is cundiün.     I’ve spoken a […]

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  • Busiate verdi with pesto trapanese

    busiate al pesto trapanese

      Last year my parents travelled to Sicily on holiday and whilst there sampled one of the local dishes, Busiate al Pesto Trapanese. They brought back a bag of busiate, which I demolished instantly. Busiate are essentially a chunkier and longer version of Ligurian trofie, also often eaten with pesto. The latin root of the word pesto gave birth to […]

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  • Simple spaghetti series – Spaghetti puttanesca

    Spaghetti Puttanesca

    I feel sorry for anchovies. They can’t win. When they’re an obvious flagship ingredient in a dish, they’re exposed to scrutiny and hostility by all anchovy haters; if on the other hand they’re simply working their magic behind the scenes, they go completely unnoticed and therefore uncelebrated. What’s worse is the fact that these little silver […]

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  • Falafel polpette with olives, basil and pecorino

    polpette in a pan

    Meatballs, or polpette di carne, are awesome. Full stop. Have them with a dollop of gorgonzola-covered polenta, in a fast-food-classic sub-sandwich, served in salads or simply with spaghetti. They are delicious in every way. However, with mrs fp being a pescatarian – queue the violin – opportunities for eating them always look bleak. But if you […]