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  • Lawless lasagne with smoked salmon, asparagus and gorgonzola

    Lasagne with smoked salmon asparagus and gorgonzola

    The centuries-old lasagne alla bolognese are a timeless classic that hardly need an introduction. It’s one of those dishes you, or at least I, just cannot get tired of. Graziella, who I speak of in my about page, is an absolute hero at making this. I can demolish portions and portions of Gra’s cooking on a […]

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  • Ligurian torta verde with spinach and asparagus


    Each year, torta verde, or torta pasqualina makes a special Easter Monday appearance at family picnics throughout the Ligurian country side. Delicious warm, and even better cold, this super-greens savoury cake is a crowd favourite. I have vivid memories charging around a field with my childhood friend Fabio during pasquetta, after chomping on endless slices of his Mum’s mouth watering torta […]