Have a scroll through all of fatpastard’s recipes and see what catches your eye. If you love something, hate it, want to suggest something or just fancy a chat, please get in touch on twitter or in the comment sections in each post. Thanks for reading!



Fiery calamari with lime and coriander aioli

Bagna cauda: a wintery warm dip with piles of fresh crudités



Spring artichoke ravioli with thyme and walnuts

Lemon and dill tagliolini on the rocks

Gnocchi with Italian sausage, bourbon and tarragon

Simple spaghetti series – Aglio, olio e peperoncino

Simple spaghetti series – Spaghetti alle vongole

Simple spaghetti series – Spaghetti puttanesca

Busiate verdi with pesto trapanese

Lawless lasagne with smoked salmon, asparagus and gorgonzola

Swordfish and potato ravioli with rocket, pistachio and pomegranate pesto

Risotto cacio e pepe with grilled thyme-infused radicchio

Noemi’s mushroom, sausage and blueberry risotto

Filthy rich slow-roasted beef brisket ragú



Falafel polpette with olives, basil and pecorino


Pizza, breads etc.

Pizza dough, a few tricks and my favourite toppings

Ligurian torta verde with spinach and asparagus

Elevenses focaccia with onions and tuscan kale

Piadina romagnola – an Italian filled flatbread



Cundiun, a Ligurian summer salad


Sweet things

Hazelnut ‘Baci di Andora’ biscuits with dark chocolate ganache