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  • Focaccia “muffins” with taleggio, porcini and walnuts

    Focaccia muffins

      Taking flavour inspiration from autumnal dishes in northern Italy, these indulgent cheesy focaccia muffins are packed with earthy flavours fit for fall.  If you read my Surf and turf in Liguria post, you’ll have heard me talking about Recco’s formidable focaccia, the Focaccia di Recco col formaggio. A thin no-yeast focaccia filled with melted creamy fresh cheese. I thought about recreating […]

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  • Fiery calamari with lime and coriander aioli

    Calamari ready to plate up

      It’s probably as a result of my late summer holiday, but seeing shelves stacked with mince pies at this time of year doesn’t feel quite right. Therefore, as my last goodbye to summer, and with October being National Seafood Month, I thought I’d share a simple and more-ish seafood dish.  The chicken nuggets of the sea: a […]

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  • Risotto cacio e pepe with grilled radicchio

    Risotto cacio e pepe with radicchio

    Autumn is here which means it’s time for some heart-warming risottos. This one takes Massimo Bottura‘s peppery, parmesan-infused Risotto Cacio e Pepe, and gives it a sweet-and bitter twist. A delicious creamy risotto served with thyme and olive-oil-infused radicchio, making it a perfect starter or main. Get grating and keep a hold of those parmesan rinds….     […]

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  • Hazelnut ‘Baci di Andora’ biscuits with dark chocolate ganache

    baci di andora

    These super indulgent Baci biscuits are a great after dinner treat with coffee, or simply if you have an urge to stuff your face with chocolate. Baci di Andora take ‘chocolatey’ to the next level. Unlike the original Baci di Dama variety, they consist of two chocolate brownie-like biscuits, sandwiching a dark chocolate ganache middle. […]

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  • Get to know fatpastard: #fdbloggersGTK


    I’ve been running my blog for 4 months and as such still one of the newbies. The timing of these #fdbloggersGTK posts inspired by Loriley has been spot on. I’m just starting to get to grips with the social elements of running a blog and these bios have been a great intro to a lot […]

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  • Swordfish and potato ravioli with rocket, pistachio and pomegranate pesto

    A bite of swordfish ravioli

        One of my favourite things to do when tucking into steak and mash is pouring any excess meat juice over the potatoes – is it just me or is that not amazing? Especially when the steak is cooked in a nice herby, lemony marinade. I’d say, that right there is the definition of umami. As for these ravioli, I […]