about fatpastard

A not particularly fat Italian-Scot, sharing great food with no half measures.

Taking healthy living as a given, there has to be room for each of us to be a bit of a fatpastard every once in a while. It’s what makes it all worthwhile: a tasty meal, a few glugs of wine with family and friends. In Italian you’d say, “che cosa voui di piu’ dalla vita?” what more do you want from life?

Take that feeling and roll it up into a blog, and you have fatpastard – somewhere for me to record and share great, slow, food. You’ll notice I tend to not cut corners; I think great food is just as fun to make as it is to eat – however I’ll try my best to point out shortcuts. You also wont find me scrimping on ingredients, mainly because, well the blog is called fatpastard after all.

So let’s get to it – great food with no half measures.




My name is Cristiano. An Italian-Scot now living in London.

Be it through our family restaurant in Italy, my pseudo-nonna Graziella’s home cooked food (sorry Mum but Gra wins here), or the endless family feasts, I’ve grown up surrounded by great food. Although many of these experiences are distant childhood memories, they’ve given me an appreciation of what true great food should taste like and the enjoyment of getting it on the table in the first place. In this blog I try to convey this by recalling and sharing some of the tasty food from my childhoold, as well as experimenting with new recipes and ingredients.

As a day job I work in Tech, and so I’m in no way a qualified chef. Much of what I share here I’ve just learned along the way or from watching Graziella when I was a child, whilst stealing raw gnocchi, or whatever she was making at the time.

Thank you for reading, and if you’d like to get in touch feel free to leave a comment below, email me at hello@fatpastard.com, or find me on twitter/instagram/pinterest.